Dr. George Hill

Dr. George Hill is licensed as a psychologist in Texas and Wisconsin. He is married with two adult children and has an extended family that includes a cat and most of the wild birds in the neighborhood. His therapy approaches include CBT, ACT, Mindfulness, and EMDR, with the addition of spirituality, if this is part of the client’s life. Recognizing that we are both a mind and a body, he also works with a physician to assess and treat physical factors that affect their clients’ emotional well-being. Dr. Hill and his clients work together as partners, helping clients to achieve desired goals and to increase their happiness and peace of mind. While our happiness and peace of mind appear to be the result of life history and present circumstances, Dr. Hill helps his patients to realize that they can learn to be happy and peaceful, regardless of how life or other people have treated them in the past or are treating them in their present life.


  • American Psychological Association
  • Texas Psychological Association
  • The National Register of Health Service Psychologists